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The first rule of 8 Figure Flipping is, you don't talk about 8 Figure Flipping.
Almost three years ago, I started a mentoring / mastermind group for experienced investors called 7 Figure Flipping. The goal of this group was to help house flippers and wholesalers build a 7-figure business using automated systems so they could make more money and get their lives back.

Well, we did that.

Last year, we had 23 people in the 7 Figure Flipping group reach $1,000,000 in gross profits… and I knew we had to go even farther. What’s next? I thought.

If you want to keep growing in your business, you have to keep pushing yourself.

And these guys and gals who had reached the $1,000,000 mark were facing new and different challenges than the newer members of the 7 Figure Flipping group were facing. They needed something more. It started as an inside joke. “Hey Justin, when are you going to create 8 Figure Flipping for us?” But after a while, it wasn't a joke anymore.

This needed to happen, for real. So we did it.

We met privately with the people who we knew needed to be part of this. We had one-on-one conversations. We didn’t really announce it to the public.

Until now.

As of today, the doors are officially open…

And if you’re a house flipper or wholesaler doing $1,000,000 or more in gross profits in your business and you’re ready for the next thing, the next level… ready to get around people who will continue to push you to grow…

…then fill out an application to join 8FF (click below)!
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